Penn State Script Testing Server

On Friday, April 23, 2021, one of the two backend servers for test.scripts.psu.edu was upgraded to Red Hat Enterprise Server 7 and Apache HTTPd 2.4.6; if you see any inconsistencies, that may be why. For now, the legacy SSI expression parser is turned on, so existing expr includes should work, but that will probably change in the next few months. The other backend server will be upgraded soon.

The purpose of test.scripts.psu.edu is for testing and debugging CGI programs. This is not a production service. As a testing service, it is expected that it will experience outages due to programming mistakes.

To test a script that is invoked from a Web page in your Personal Web space use a URL for the script similiar to http://test.scripts.psu.edu/users/e/x/example/somefile.cgi.

For Departmental space use http://test.scripts.psu.edu/dept/deptname/somefile.cgi and so on. The script name must end with either the extension .cgi or .pl. As a further clarificationon usage, you can still reference an html file via www.personal.psu.edu that invokes a form where the action tag refers to http://test.scripts.psu.edu/. Note however, that for server side includes you must reference the html file from test.scripts.psu.edu as the "include virtual=" can only reference files on the local HTTP server.

Once your script is debugged and you would like for it to be installed on the appropriate production level machine, send mail to webmaster@psu.edu with the name and location of the script and request that it be installed on production machine. Someone will still need to examine the script before installing it. This process may take 2-3 weeks.