Our England Vacation

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Day 1: August 4, 2003

After months of waiting and planning, we finally got to the University Park airport. we're ready to goWe watched two planes arrive and finally got on a commuter flight to Philadelphia. The flight was exciting, especially when we abruptly went down for a couple of seconds! 45 minutes of air time got us to Philadelphia.

The Philly airport was quite a contrast to University Park! I think our airport could have fit in the waiting lounge at Philly, and our Dash-9 commutercould have easily been transported in the baggage compartment of theBritish Airways 747 that was our transportation to London. With two hours to wait, we played Charades and Hangman to pass the time. Sue tried to listen to the other travelers and figure out what an English accent sounded like.

check out the shades!The 747 ride was smooth. We were cruising at 39,000 feet going about 600 miles per hour, according to the in-flight display that every seat had.We had a choice of 12 movies, and in case we just wanted to sleep (a good idea, as we had been up since 3 AM), they also provided us with eyeshades and a change of socks!Nonetheless it was hard to sleep in a chair in a noisy plane, so we arrived exhausted.