Our England Vacation

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Day 2: August 5, 2003

We got into Heathrow airport about 7 AM local time and proceeded to: wait in line to get our passports checked; wait for our baggage to come out of the plane; and then wander about looking for the subway ("underground" or "tube", here). We found the Tube office at last and picked up our 7-day Tube passes. Then we found the Tube train and got on. That was easy, as the airport is at the end of a Tube line. The hard part was carrying our big luggage and carry-ons while being tired, hungry and thirsty. Sue took her new big suitcase with wheels, and Timothy handled my grey suitcase with little wheels, that wobbles and falls over. Handled it better than I would have!

Visitor map - we still know where we came fromWe found Pax lodge, checked in, then went exploring. We bought sandwiches for lunch and ate them on a green (a little park area).

We went to Kings Cross Station and saw platform 9 3/4. Then we returned to Pax lodge for a tour of the place, and dinner - vegetarian paiea and chocolate sponge dessert. Yum.