Our England Vacation

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Day 3: August 6, 2003

Started out with an upset stomach for Eliza. After it had settled a bit, we headed for downtown London. On the way we got a can of ginger beer, thinking that, like ginger ale, it would be good to settle a stomach. Eliza like it. It's very strong - kind of burns the back of your throat!

Big Ben TowerIn downtown London we did the Millennium Walk. Starting at Big Ben (Westminster Tower) and Parliament, we walked along the Thames. On a bridge over the ThamesWe found out that the Thames direction of flow depends on the ocean tides; it goes back and forth. On the walk, we found used book sellers under one of the bridges, where Sue got many English Dick Francis books. We also rode the London Eye, just before it was closed due to heat, went down to the river's edge, and stopped for a drink (well, a Coke) at a pub.

The Golden HindGolden Hind HeadA little farther on we saw a replica of sir Francis Drake's ship, the Golden Hind.

Beyond that, we crossed the Tower bridge. With just enough time to see things before they closed, we went into the Tower of London.Part of the Tower of LondonTower walk Tower GuardWe saw the crown jewels, and the crown that holds them, along with many other crowns for Great Britain locations. Pretty sparkly!

humped pelican crossingWe rode the Tube back to Pax Lodge (here is why I didn't want to drive in England: what's a humped pelican, and why would it want to cross?), had their dinner (some kind of pork today, also yummy), and played Pictionary until dark. Tomorrow we move to Baden Powell house.