I Am. . .

by: Eliza Gabel

I choose Christ and I choose to love,
To use my life to get to Heaven above.
I choose to help and serve another,
And I try to obey my father and mother.
Who am I?   I am a Christian.

To help the poor, to preach, to pray,
To show love for God every single day.
I visit the poor, the sick, the blind.
To everyone I try to be kind.
Who am I?   I am a Nun.

I read the Gospel for all to hear,
And celebrate His birth and death every year.
I can perform almost any Sacrament you ask for.
I hope my homilies are not much of a bore.
Who am I?   I am a Priest.

I'm in a community of my kind;
In it we try to be refined.
I assist the poor,
And teach children more.
Who am I?   I am a Brother.

I help the Priest,
And I know about the feasts.
Before I'm ordained, I can be married first.
For God I hunger and thirst.
Who am I?   I am a Deacon.

I help my children to be well;
The reason, I think, you can tell.
I send them to school,
And try not to be cruel.
Who am I?   I am a parent.

I am still young, small, and new,
And I have not yet lived my life through.
My plan for life is still unknown;
The path for me has not been shown.
Who am I?   I am a child.

These calls are made by Me alone.
I sit on an almighty throne.
I love you no matter what you do,
No matter how fully you live your life through.
Who am I?   I am God!

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