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101 cats
The Turkey and the Hair
Out Side
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1O1 Cats

clean kitty
         Eliza was going to collect cats.  and she found a 
    cat.  The next day she found two city cats.  and she collected cats 
    until she had a hundred.  
         A morning pet for each cat. and she fed them every day and night.  
         Some were calicos, some were single colors.  Others just had 
    one or two colors.  
         They each had a name.   Eliza got names from all her friends and all 
    her favorite books and videos/movies.
         All one hundred cats slept with Eliza on her bed.  They never 
    fight over which cat gets to sleep closest to Eliza.
         The cats like to lay in the sun.  they like to chase a ball.  they 
    like to read books  The girl read books to the cats.
         One special day, the girl's mother brought home a real cat.  The 
    girl still loved all her stuffed animal cats, but she loved the real 
    cat the most.  He didn't look like any of her hundred stuffed animal 
    cats.  She named him Hundredcat and loved all one hundred and one cats. 


by: Eliza Gabel


       Once upon a time there was a turkey, and he hated the coming 
    holiday. Every time the turkey tried to hide, people found him. His 
    name is Tim. Meanwhile the hair was bored. Tim called the hair, the 
    next day the hair went on top of Tim. He looked like a big furry ball. 
    Nobody thought to catch Tim because he didn't look like a turkey. 
       Tim decided to go to the pet store. When Tim got there he wondered 
    what the other things were. 

       The pet store owner locked Tim a cage.  He hated it! Tim felt a 
    tickle in his throat and sneezed. All his fur fell off.  
       When the pet store owner saw that Tim was a turkey he put Tim with a
    women turkey her name was Eliza. On Thanksgiving they married...and had 

Out Side

by: Eliza Gabel

Outside is sometimes very cold, sometimes medium temperature, and sometimes very hot. When the temperature is very cold there is usually a lot of snow and it is usually wintertime. When it is medium temperature it is time to wear a lighter coat and it's usually springtime. When it's very hot it's time to take off your coat and it's usually summertime.
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