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The Great Toy Adventure

    It all began peacefully on every planet and planetoid until a scientist from Earth finally thought he had completed his earthling- teleporter-to-alien-lands. Unfortunately, it turned out to be an alien- teleporter-to-earth. The scientist didn't know this, so he got all prepared for the green slime that turns into little sparks all around that turns into purple fire that teleports you anywhere you want on a "normal" teleporter. The scientist pulled his lever for green slime that turns into little sparks all over the place that turns into purple fire that teleports you anywhere you want on "normal" teleporters. The experiment was supposed to ooze the * to the laboratory and allow the scientist to teleport to the toy planets and planetoids. Instead, * was going to ooze everywhere on the small toy planets and planetoids.
    Because nobody on the small toy planets was prepared for the * anyone there might get injured when the * started or finished oozing out of everywhere. But it was too late for the earthling scientist to recalculate the marvelous invention of his because he had already started pulling his lever!
    Everyone on the small toy planets at first had not noticed anything but after a little while Scientist Sentry, a new Lego guy, got his Time 2OOO machine all clogged up with the *. Then all the toys got zapped to Earth, bounced off the scientist's antenna, and landed on 6OOOth Street covered in bruises. The funny thing about that was the great earthling scientist did NOT notice them one bit.
    Then the great toy adventure began!
    First everyone except the earthlings pitched in to make an HO train track that went up and into the window of a car and into the glove compartment. They managed to do it and get some passengers into a steam engine and red, round roofed, single door boxcar. They didn't know that the engine was a coal miner or that Timothy Joseph Gabel, a friend from a planet called Wobbyland, oversaw the assembly of the boxcar.
    The problem with the boxcar was that the brakes weren't yet put on. They soon discovered this when they couldn't stop it from thundering down the track, stopping only when it made a dent in the glove compartment breaking the front coupling off.
    Fortunately the boxcar kit came with a replacement coupling, so the engineer attached it. Someone closed the glove compartment, took off the extra track, and put a passenger who got injured by the * into an empty compartment in the engine. They did it just in time.
    Next they tried to make a secret clubhouse out of Lego on a tree sapling but it was soon found by a Legomaniac who took it.
    Soon after, they tried to create a miniature civilization - a K'NEX car add on to Northlandz, as well as other things. They decided to make a teleporter back to their own planets but none of their teleporters worked.
    Finally Aqua Tim who likes all small toys and has lots of good ideas showed up and said, none of your teleporters will work right?"
    "Well, I have a great idea. Why don't you combine them?"
    Everyone did. It worked! In fact it worked even better that the *. Everyone (including the ones in the car that drove away) got zapped to their own planets including Aqua Tim who was really Timothy in disguise.
    The scientist, Mr. Evil, got destroyed by another zap that they mixed in accidentally called the 'wants to destroy aliens but shall get destroyed himself' zap.
    The plural morals are: obey Timothy's ideas for they will do you good, don't try to destroy aliens or you'll get destroyed yourself, and cooperate.

Table of contents


In Eggland, the eggs did an eggsperiment and they work and make more eggs. But sometimes the eggs split and there are more eggs in them and they keep going on and on. But the eggs break and break and break but they are still together. But then the egg people break and there is still another one inside them. Oh, they *have* to do that again. And then in Eggland you'll know how to walk and talk in Egg language, but you don't know something about them. They paint eggs with chocolate and the eggs turn into chocolate eggs. But sometimes people eat those eggs and there is still another one. Then people eat *those* eggs and there is a little ball that, the next year, blows up into a beach ball. And people play with it but when it gets pricked by a pine tree, it pops. And the pieces blow to Eggland again and they turn them into more chocolate eggs. But then the eggs that they already painted turn into more chocolate eggs. And do you know what sometimes happens? The eggs sometimes make a mistake. And do you know what it is? It is that they make eggs and when they hammer them with a hammer very hard they don't break because there are other eggs inside them. And that's the end of Eggland. The end.

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Timothy's Knock-knock Joke
Knock, knock.
Who's there?
Ach who?

Table of contents

T i m o t h y' s   T o n g u e   T w i s t e r

Farmer Fred frequently flowed fertilizer followed by fetching fish for field friends from Farm Five. Farm Four caught fire.

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